Auror Inc.

Company concept

Auror Inc. was founded in 2021 to "implement advanced device technologies into society using Science and Design".
Auror Inc. is a company that incorporates the essence of cutting-edge design and business into device technology and scientific knowledge using soft materials and implements them in society.

Our Philosophy


Co-creating value by bringing researchers and designers together to co-create Science and Design


Develop devices using soft matter to accelerate social implementation


Prototype development using device characteristics and physical model building of soft matter

Our Business

UX/concept planning support

Support activities such as researching precedents in the device area, comparing solutions, and creating UX and product ideas using design thinking methodology.

Device design

Analyzes the device's expected specifications from the physical model and support structure determination. We also propose materials and manufacturing processes.


Development and production of prototypes to further materialize the product experience and functional feasibility.

Business & Alliance

Select necessary partners and implement alliances for service and product development.

Research Area

Soft sensors/actuators
(DEA, Fluid actuators)

Study of the application of DEA, one of the polymer actuators, and fluid actuators using EHD pumps to soft robots, soft grippers, and other applications.

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Proposal and research activities for new user interfaces utilizing soft materials, soft materials, actuators, and various sensors and devices

Deep Learning / Machine Learning

Deep learning and recurrent neural networks for tuning physical models of device and material properties to fit various applications

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About us

Company name: Auror Inc.

Establishment: June 3, 2021

Our Business Overview:


Representative Director, CEO: Kotaro Tajima

Director, CTO: Satoshi Nakamaru

Director, CRO: Shingo Maeda

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